File Submission Requirements
Weaver Associates Printing will accept files on the following media:
Supported programs
Weaver Associates Printing accepts native files in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark XPress. Files can be in either Windows or Macintosh format.

Other files are accepted, but extra charges may be incurred if files must be converted to a printable format (i.e. Microsoft Publisher).

Document Setup
In order to ensure documents can be printed quickly, please take note of these guidelines in order to streamline the production process.

When setting up documents, make sure to set the page size of the document to the final trim size of the document to be printed.

If any images or artwork are included in the document, submit the full image file along with your document. This will ensure maximum print quality.

If you require a bleed (images, backgrounds, etc.), a minimum of 1/8" bleed is required on ALL SIDES that extend beyond the trim.

Include any fonts that are being used in your print, both from the document and any images that may be used in the document. Missing fonts will default to a different font, so make sure to include any that you use to avoid printing problems.

By following these guidelines when submitting files for print, your documents can be printed and delivered much quicker.

Image file requirements
Electronic images including artwork, photographs, line art, etc. must be formated in either CMYK or Grayscale color space, NOT RGB. Image resolution should be no lower than 300 DPI, and bitmapped or line art images must be at least 1200 DPI for print.

Images saved in .tif or .eps format are preferred for best results. Please avoid submitting any images that have been downloaded from the internet. Image formats such as .gif, .pict, .bmp, and .wmf should be avoided due to their low resolution which results in a low quality finished product.

We create a proof with every piece of artwork that is designed.

Proofs will ensure that the artwork matches up with your design or expectations. In general, proofs will be emailed as PDF (Portable Document Format) files, which you can view with Adobe Reader. Make sure to verify your proofs to ensure the finished product is what you expect.

Glossary of Printing Terms

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